Our trades

Our trades

In order to guarantee its serenity and take better advantage of the opportunities offered by the market, which is in constant change and growth, we have developed a strategy to diversify complementary activities, by training our employees to become versatile and by investing in production equipment.


CHARCOMEM has its own design and engineering consulting firm, made up of a highly qualified team of engineers, calculation engineers and project designers.

Steel frame

As a designer and manufacturer of steel frames, from the simplest to the most complicated, CHARCOMEM has all the capabilities to meet its customers’ expectations.

Boiler making and piping

Whether it is warehousing equipment, piping or mechanically welded manufacturing, CHARCOMEM has a special expertise and adequate manufacturing equipment that help our firm produce the most complex equipment in terms of accuracy and tolerances.

Bulk Products Handling Facilities

CHARCOMEM has developed a turnkey expertise in the field of bulk products handling and transport systems to offer its customers more secure facilities.

Assembly and industrial maintenance

The works of assembly and industrial maintenance are part of CHARCOMEM’score business, which specializes in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic assembly as well as their maintenance. CHARCOMEM’s field of operation goes from the simple assembly operation to the assembly of complex elements, while complying with the customers’ specifications.

Civil Engineering

Given the current market trends and the new orientations of instructing parties who increasingly aim executing projects, CHARCOMEM has integrated in its fields of activity, civil engineering works to ensure comprehensive works.

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With this in mind, CHARCOMEM intends to continue and accelerate the modernization of its machinery with the aim of acquiring the most advanced technologies to offer the most efficient services.

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