To support its development, CHARCOMEM provides each year several job opportunities to juniors, seniors and experts.

Through these recruitments, CHARCOMEM wishes to attract specialized skills and talents able to follow its evolution and take initiatives.

All new employees benefit from an integration programme that allows them to acquire an extensive knowledge of CHARCOMEM’s activity, organization and strategy. This programme consists of several welcome meetings set with the heads of departments and the main internal contacts of the new employees. Visits are also scheduled to the company’s various sites.


Convinced that its own evolution requires the development of its personnel, CHARCOMEM evaluates and supports its employees throughout their careers.

Individual assessment interviews are held each year to :

Set objectives for the coming year

Assess the achievement of last year’s objectives

Evaluate skills and professional qualities

Accommodate the wishes of professional growth: mobility, training, evolution, etc.


Aware that staff training is a hard core of its HR development policy, CHARCOMEM organizes various training activities every year with a view to:

Training :

Developing personnel professionalism and versatility

Supporting its evolution

Ensuring the firm’s development

All of CHARCOMEM’s employees benefit throughout their careers from a diversified annual training programme that comprises several areas.

Trust us :


With this in mind, CHARCOMEM intends to continue and accelerate the modernization of its machinery with the aim of acquiring the most advanced technologies to offer the most efficient services.

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